Friday, November 26, 2010

Turkey Trot 2010

Well we survived our 2nd Turkey Trot. It was chilly and thankfully it wasn't raining. Everything was going great until Luke took off his gloves in the stroller to eat a snack (because he didn't eat a big breakfast at Auntie Windy's like he was supposed to) thing you know his gloves were a goner. Many tears were shed during this 3K...I'm surprised they didn't turn into icicles. Once we crossed the finish line it was time to warm up and take a nap!

Ahmmy's B-Day at the Ranch

We drove out to the Ranch Sunday morning Nov 21st. Kay's birthday was the Friday Nov 19th and Kay's brother Windol and his wife Sondra who live in Maine, were in town. The whole family made it out for the day, which gave us lots of opportunities for photo opps. It was a great day!

Great Wolf Lodge Surprise

Cody and I told Luke we were taking him to breakfast this Friday morning at Fuzzy's Taco Stand. Their breakfast tacos are wonderful! If you've never been you should go try it. When we were finished Luke kept saying how exciting his friends were going to be to see him at school. So I had to break the news that we wasn't attending school that day and that we were taking him for a surprise. Luke asked if we were taking him to the donut shop...ha. I had purchased day passes to the Great Wolf Lodge back in August or September thru Brother's and Sister's. So we pulled up and he saw all the wolves outside, we walked in the a story was playing at the clock tower so we observed for a few minutes before heading down to the pool. His eyes just lit up when we walked in. He loved it and the kid area was perfect for him. I think Cody and I's only complaint was how cold the water was. It was too cold for me. I couldn't even get back in after lunch. I think I prefer swimming in the 100 degree weather outdoors. Luke had a blast though, even though he was blue by the time we left.

Halloween 10/10

Another great year of trick or treating! This year Luke was really trying to keep up with the big kids and he did great. The adults had a great time too. Thanks to Bobby & Missy for letting us tag along with the Bridlewood gang.

Seattle 10/10

This was my 4th trip to Seattle in one and a half years. We talked my parents into joining us on this trip since they had never been before. As soon as we got there Thursday, we drove straight down to Pike's Place Market and ate lunch at Cutters. Fish and Chips and Clam Chowder was on every one's minds. Then we went by the Tasting Room, sampled some wines and purchased a couple of bottles for dinner that evening. We stopped in Fran's to purchase some dark chocolate covered Carmel's for dessert and then we were off to the market. We decided to purchase huge shrimp, scallops, crab legs and halibut cheeks to accompany our pasta with asparagus for dinner that evening. We made our way to Claudia and Pat's and had a feast. It might have been the best meal on the entire trip. Thanks to the Wille's for letting us make such a huge mess in their kitchen.
The next day we were off to the Aquarium, Flight Museum and Pioneer Square and after having fish and chips again that day for lunch we decided pizza sounded good for dinner. Then back to the hotel for some swimming in the hotel spa while the boys watched the Rangers win that nights game in the world series.
Saturday morning we decided to try this Russian pastry place across from Pike's Place Market. It was wonderful, at least until Luke threw up all over the place. Poor thing said his stomach hurt, but we didn't realize it was going to turn into vomiting. We got in the car and started driving to the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery, then to Snoqualmie Falls and then to Rattlesnake Lake. Such a beautiful area and the trees were all changing beautiful. Luke did fine for 5 hours until we got back in the car to head back to the hotel. Then the throwing up continued...poor thing. Daddy took care of him at the hotel and he slept great that night and was ready to rock the next morning.
On our last morning in Seattle we decided to take Luke to the Children's Museum. He loved it and did not want to leave. We had enough time to grab lunch and head to the airport. Another great trip!

Dallas Zoo 09/10

We had a great time at the Dallas Zoo. I hadn't been to the Dallas Zoo in 10 years and alot has changed. I have never fed a giraffe before, but it was such a great experience (or at least I thought so, Luke wasn't so sure about it as you can see from the pictures). I guess we also got lucky on our visit because all of the animals were out and playing. One of the Gorilla's tried to break thru the glass and the male lions were wrestling...i've never encountered so much activity at the zoo before. Luke got to ride a pony and play with the goats while they kept nibbling on his brand new jungle book t-shirt...ha! Can't wait to go back.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

We celebrated Dad's birthday one day early, Aug 31st, and I prepared some new recipes from the cooking class I so much enjoyed at the Grotto the weekend before. I made Crab Mango Ceviche, Mango Salad and Steak with Sweet Potatoes. It was delicious! I actually enjoyed the class so much, that we decided to give that to Dad for his birthday. The great part about it is that i'm going to attend the class with him, yay!
Now on to Labor Day weekend, we got to head out to the lake early Friday due to the fact that my office is moving buildings this weekend. We ended our early workday Friday by enjoying lunch at the new Chuy's that opened up right down from my current office. Got to love that place. So when I go to work Tuesday, I will be in a completely new building and space. We aren't moving far, actually right across the street in the EDS complex. We will now have covered parking, a cafe, a gym and my workspace will also have a window view. I sort of feel like I got a promotion in a way...ha.
Drew and Arisbe brought baby Arianne to the lake to meet us this weekend. She is precious and such a good baby. She is so easy going and likes to take lots of naps. She got to take her first boat ride, golf cart ride, hammock swing and best of all be held my her only cousin, Luke. Kathey and Don also joined us for some baby fun and amazing weather this weekend. Seriously could it have been any nicer outside this weekend? It was gorgeous!